List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)             
2003 Location   Approved   Date  
Course Date City State/Province Title of Course CEU's Submitted by submitted Email address for submitter  
Feb 10, 12 or 14 MN 2003 Alfalfa & Forage Crop Strategies 3 John Gunderson
20-Feb Rapid City SD 2003 Weed & Pest Conference 7 Craig Beckner 15-Feb-03
Feb 25-26 Omaha NE 3rd Annual Native Seed Quality Workshop 12 John Gunderson 7-Feb-03
Feb 28-Mar 1 Seguin TX 4th Annual South Texas Farm & Range Spring Forum 9 Phillip Wright
Feb. 5 Artesia Wells TX 5th Annual Prescribed Burning Seminar-Chaparral WMA 4 Chip Ruthven
Feb. 2 Casper WY Carbon Sequestration I 3 Goerald Schuman
Feb. 3 Casper WY Carbon Sequestration II 3 Justin Derner
Feb 24-25 Casper WY Cheatgrass Awareness Conference 10 Steve Hannan 24-Feb-03
Feb. 5 Casper WY Conservation Easements 3
Feb. 3 Casper WY Coordinated Resource Mgmt Workshop (CRM) -Full Day 6 Dennis Phillepie
Feb 19 or 20 UT Drought &  Range Mgmt Seminar 2 Roger Banner 26-Feb-03
27-Feb Beatrice NE Drought Risks & Mitigation on the Agricultural Landscape 6 Lora O'Rourke 3-Mar-03
Feb. 6 Wheatland WY Grasshopper Control Workshop 3 James R. Webb 15-Feb-03
Feb. 5 Casper WY Grazing Management 3 Tracy Brewer
27-Feb Baker City OR Grazing Systems for Rangeland Health & Productivity 1 Greg Kuehl 6-Oct-03
Feb Univ of Idaho Ext ID Growing and Utilizing Annual Forages workshop 2 Ron Blake 14-Feb-03
Feb. 4 Casper WY Indicators of Sustainable Rangelands 3 Bartlett
Feb. 3 Casper WY Invasive Species I 3 Tom Whitson
Feb. 2 Casper WY Invasive Species II 3 Scott Votan
Feb. 3 & 4 Casper WY Journey to Change 1 & 2 3
Feb 4-5 KS Kansas Association of Independent Crop Consultants 4 Jodie Stockett
Feb. 4 Casper WY Livestock Distribution I 3
Feb. 4 Casper WY Livestock Distribution II 3
Feb. 25-28 Tucson AZ Low Cost Cow Calf School 16 Scott Engle 22-Mar-03
Feb. 4 Casper WY Managing Towards the Past 3 Duncan Patten
 Feb. 2 Casper WY Monitoring & Measurement I 3 Sherm Karl
Feb. 3  Casper WY Monitoring & Measurement II 3 Meg Bishop
Feb 11-13 Corvallis OR Native Plant Restoration & Mgmt on Public Lands in the Pacific NW 16 Nora Taylor 31-Jan-04
Feb. 11-13 Mandan ND ND Chapter of The Wildlife Society Annual Mtg 16 Michael Haupt
Feb. 25 NUTBAL Pro Training 6 Kevin Blomquist 6-Mar-03
Feb 11-13 Richfield Field Office UT Nutrient & Pest Mgmt Training 16 W.B. Walbeck 5-Mar-03
Feb. 27 Santa Cruz CA Oak Ecosystems - Santa Cruz Mtns 4 Larry Ford 6-Mar-03
Feb. 3 Casper WY Other Grazers I 3 Wendell Gilgert
Feb. 4 Casper WY Other Grazers II 3
22-Feb Amarillo TX Panhandle Livestock Assn. Winter Convention 4 Jodie Stockett 3-Sep-03
7-Feb Riddle OR Pasture Management Calendar Workshop 5
8-Feb Salem OR Pasture Management Calendar Workshop 5
Feb. 4 Minot ND Pesticide Recertification Training 6 Mike Rose
Feb. 3 Casper WY Planned Grazing & System Response 3 Floyd Reed
Feb. 2 Casper WY Plant/Animal Interactions I 3 Sheldon Atwood
Feb. 5 Casper WY Plant/Animal Interactions II 3 Jim Waggoner
Feb. 3 Casper WY Post Fire Ecology & Mgmt I Kimberli Stine
Feb. 3 Casper WY Post Fire Ecology & Mgmt II 3
Feb. 6 Casper WY Powder River Tour 3 Joe Hicks 27-Feb-03
20-Feb San Angelo TX Prescribed Burn Refresher training 5 Charles Anderson 1-Apr-03
Feb. 18-21 Prescribed Burning-NEDC 16 Pat L. Shaver
Feb. 5 Casper WY Professional Ethics in Range Mgmt Forum 3
Feb 25-27 Portland OR Range Administration and NEPA training 16 Web Madison 7-Mar-03
Feb. 2 Casper WY Range Dept. of Future 3 Leonard Jolley 
Feb. 2 Casper WY Rangeland Birds & Ecosystems I 3 Dave McDonald
Feb. 3 Casper WY Rangeland Birds & Ecosystems II 3 Andrea Cerovski
Feb. 3 Casper WY Rangeland Birds & Ecosystems III 3
Feb. 3 Casper WY Rangeland Ecology I 3 Blaine Horn
Feb. 4 Casper WY Rangeland Ecology II 3 Levi Benyles
Feb. 6 Casper WY Rangeland Health-Panel Discussion-Afternoon 3 John Likins
Feb. 6 Casper WY Rangeland Health-Techl Session-Morning 3 John Likins
Feb. 3 Rangeland Infra for Managers 3 Ray Suazo
Feb. 10-14 Sacramento CA Regional Ground Based Pesticide Training 16 Gail Durham 10-Mar-03
28-Feb Hot Springs SD Regional Range and Pasture Meeting 5 Robert Novotny 7-Mar-03
24-Feb Mobridge SD Regional Range and Pasture Meeting 5 Paul Drayton
Feb. 4 Casper WY Restoration Ecology I 3
Feb. 4 Casper WY Restoration Ecology II 3 Gerald Schuman
Feb. 5 Casper WY Riparian Buffer Zones & Water Quality 3 Quentin Skinner
Feb. 4 Casper WY Riparian Ecology 3 Mark Gorges
Feb. 2 Casper WY Sage Brush Ecosystems 3 Berry Perryman
Feb. 4 Casper WY Seed Source Selection in Ecological Restoration 3
Feb. 3 Casper WY Social Science 3
College Station TX Soil Survey Conference 11 Richard Jones
Feb. 28 South Texas TX South TX Farm and Ranch Forum 9 Phillip Wright 6-Mar-03
Feb. 5 Casper WY State & Transition Ecology-Theory & Application 3 NRCS Range Team
Feb. 11-13 Maudon ND The Wildlife Society 16 Tim Phalen
Feb 13-15 Waco TX TX Chapter-The Wildlife Society Annual Mtg 12 Brian Hays
Feb 26-27 USDA-NRCS Prescribed Burn Training 7 Tony A Garcia, Jr
20-Feb UT Utah Weed Control Assn Conf 2 Michael Ralphs 27-Feb-03
Feb. 3 Casper WY Water Quality I 3
Feb. 4 Casper WY Water Quality II 3 Sue Noggles
Feb. 26 Dumont  TX Western Rolling Plains Range & Wildlife Field Day 3 Dwayne Day
Feb. 3 Casper WY Wild Horse & Burro Mgmt (BLM) 3 Brian Waldron
Feb. 4 Casper WY Wildlife Habitat I 3 Andrea Cerovski
Feb. 5 Casper WY Wildlife Habitat II 3
Feb. 4 Casper WY Wildlife on a Fragmenting Range I 3
Feb. 4 Casper WY Wildlife on a Fragmenting Range II 3 Nathan F. Sayre