List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)             
2003   State   Approved   Date  
Course Date City Province Title of Course CEU's Submitted by submitted Email address for submitter  
Mar 27-May 8 Steamboat Springs CO Colo Mnt Coll-Land Stewardship 101 16 Jean Petersen 2-Feb-03
March 26-27 Moses Lake WA CRM Local Solutions for Resource Mgmt Workshop 10 Linda Hardesty 12-Apr-03
4-Mar Wray CO Drought Impacts on Livestock 5 Mary Schrader 8-Mar-03
21-Mar La Junta CO Drought Planning & Survival Seminar 2 Ben Berlinger 1-Apr-03
March 25 Camp Verde AZ Drought recovery workshop 5 Jeff Schalau
Various Various NE Drought Risks & Mitigation on the Agricultural Landscape 6 Lora O'Rourke 3-Mar-03
25-Mar Boise ID Ecosite Description Workshop 8 Jim Cornwell 1-Apr-03
March 25-April 2 Tucson AZ Fire in Ecosystem Mgmt 16 Patricia Hanley 7-Apr-03
11-Mar Idaho Falls ID Idaho Nutrient Mgt Planner Workshop 6 Trina Johansen 14-Mar-03
March 27-28 Browns Valley CA Jnt UCCE Rangeland Watershed Wkgrp/Calpac Sec Mtg-SFREC 10 Mike Connors 27-Feb-03
2-Mar Hereford OR Juniper Control & Mgmt Workshop 2 Alan Bahn
March 20-22 Elk Creek CA Land EKG Clinic 8 Loretta Metz 25-Mar-03
March 10-20 BLM NTC(Phoenix) NV Leadership Communications & Coordination BLM course 1730-15  BLM NTC 16 Kelly Sparks 4-Apr-03
6-Mar Wheatland WY Living on a Few Acres Workshop 2 James R. Web 12-Mar-03
7-Mar St. Cloud MN Minnesota Forage and Grassland Council 2 John Gunderson 17-Mar-03
7-Mar Davis CA Multivariate Statistics in Ecological Community Analysis 16 Gail Durham 10-Mar-03
March 6 Colville WA Noxious Weeds in the Cnty-Why Where What & How to Cntrl-Stevens Cnty AM 5 Terry Swagerty 1-Jan-03
March 17-18 Davis CA NRCS Comprehensive Nutrient Mgmt PlanningTraining 16 Charlette Sanders 7-Apr-03
Mar 24-28 NRCS NEDC Prescribed Burning-Short Grass 16 Pat Shaver 2-Apr-03
Mar 10-14 NRCS NEDC Prescribed Burning-Shrub Grass 16 Pat Shaver 2-Apr-03
Mar 25-28 Fort Worth TX NRCS NEDC Trng Course-Rangeland Ecol II-New Paradigm for Eval Change on Rangelands 16 George Peacock 4-Apr-03
March 25-26 MT NRCS Training-Stock Water Planning & Design 11 Matt Ricketts 7-Nov-03
March 5-6 Buffalo OK OK Nutrient Mgt Planning Cert Course 8 Veronica O'Donnell 26-Mar-03
19-Mar San Angelo TX Prescribed Burn Refresher training 5 Charles Anderson 1-Apr-03
18-Mar Arnold NE Prescribed Burn School 6 Kristin Miller 25-Mar-03
5-Mar Rocky Ford CO Rangeland Drought Workshop 2 Ben Berlinger 1-Apr-03
6-Mar Springfield CO Rangeland Drought Workshop 2 Ben Berlinger 1-Apr-03
Mar 18-20 Laramie WY Rangeland Infra Training 9 Sue Preece
Mar 25-27 Delta CO Rangeland Infra Training 9 Sue Preece
March  12-14 Chihuahua MX Rangeland Mgt Shortcourse - Universidad Autonoma De Chihuahua 16 Ron Sosebee 1-Aug-03
March 13-14 Petaluma CA Riparian Proper Functioning Condition Training 7 Stephanie Larson 18-Mar-03
Mar 19-20 San Francisco CA San Francisco Area Network Vital Signs Workshop 10 Ray Budzinski 20-May-03
5-Feb Woodhull IL Taking the Next Step in Grazing 5
23-Mar San Antonio TX TX and SW Cattle Raisers Assn Wildlife & Cattle Mgt 8
14-Mar MT Veg Dynamics Workshop 7 Donald Bedunah
March 13-14 Albany TX Wildlife Appreciation Event 8 Ricky Linex 17-Mar-03
Mar. 23 San Antonio TX Wildlife Track & Cattle Management 8 Melanie Tittor 3-Nov-02
March 26-27 Casper WY WY Watershed Conference 14 Phil Gonzales 1-Apr-03