List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)             
2004 Location   Approved        
Course Date City State/Province Title of Course  CEUs Submitted by Date submitted Email address for submitter  
13-Nov Tucson AZ 1st Annual Research Insights in Semiarid Ecosystems (RISE) Symposium 6 Mitch McClaran 22-Sep-04
Nov 15-16 Paso Robles CA 2004 Central California Agriculture Symposium 10 Jon Gustafson 1-Oct-04
Nov 30-Dec 2 Longmont CO 2004 CO Section Annual Meeting 9 Robert Alexander 6-Oct-04
Nov 4-5 Richfield UT 2004 UT Section Annual Meeting 9 Ron Torgerson 1-Oct-04
Nov 17-18 Bismark/Mandan ND Advanced Training in Sustainable Prod Systs in the NGP Session I 14 Roger Gates 16-Nov-04
Nov 3-4 Phoenix AZ Arizona Noxious Weed / Invasive Plant Summit 8 Francis Northam 28-Sep-04
Nov 10-12 Kailua-Kona HI CalPac Section AM-Agriculture & Natural Resource Tourism 8 William Frost 6-Aug-04
15-Nov San Andreas CA Central Sierra Partnership Against Weed-Noxious Weeds Workshop 4 Susan A. Forbes 19-Nov-04
Nov 17-19 Colorado Springs CO CO Cattlemans/CattleWomen Mid-Winter Conference 4
Nov 17-18 Ashland NE Conservation of Western Prairie Fringed Orchid 12 Robert Self 11-Dec-04
9-Nov Norman OK Crossroads of America Cow-calf Conference 6 Mark Klimkowski 17-Dec-04
Nov 18-20 Sydney NE Feeding & Balancing the Soil 8 17-Dec-04
Nov 4-7 Tucson AZ FRCC Train the Trainers Workshop 8 Jeff DiBenedetto 25-Oct-04
Nov 3-5 Boise ID Intermountain Native Plant Summit III 16 Tom Jones 5-Oct-04
30-Nov Safford AZ Livestock Nutrition Workshop 6 Jeff Schalau 9-Nov-04
Nov 29-Dec 2 Globe AZ MLRA 38 Workshop on Ecological Sites & State and Transitory Theory 16 Daniel Robinett 4-Oct-04
Nov 8-10 McCook NE NE-KS Range Forum 2004 12 Dana Larsen 1-Nov-04
Novr 17-19 Albuquerque NM NM Vegetation Mgmt Association Meeting 8 (w-1/th-6/f-1) Luis Florez 25-Aug-06
Nov 2-4 Elko NV Plant-Herbivore Interactions Workshop 16 Angela Mushrush 10-Sep-04
Nov 16-18 San Angelo TX Plant-Herbivore Interactions Workshop 16 Homer Sanchez 1-Nov-04
16-Nov Quincy CA Riparian Habitat Conservation Area Sttrategy Development Mtg/Wkshp 5 Theresa Frolli 12-Jan-05
Nov 8-10 Fort Collins CO Rocky Mountain Centennial Forum 16 CO Section 1-Nov-04 cssrm@yahoo,com
Nov 15-19 Missoula MT Statistics & Sample Design Training (for Inventories & Monitoring) 16 Jeff DiBenedetto 23-Dec-04
Nov 30-Dec 1 Redding CA Stewardship Watershed Mgmt 8 Craig Thomsen 30-Dec-04
Nov 30-Dec 2 Albuquerque NM SW Regional Rangeland Mgmt-Annual Staff Officers Mtg 8 Judith Dyess 20-Jan-05
3-Nov Hollister/San Juan Bautista CA Using Planned Grazing in the Mgmt of Native Grasslands 6 Kent Reeves 12-Oct-04
Nov 2-4 Richfield UT UT State Range Workshop (NRCS) 7 Shane Green 18-Oct-04
Nov 15-19 San Diego CA Watershed Mgmt Council 10th Biennial Conference 12 Liz Kellogg 14-Jul-06
Nov 8-12 Cody WY WY Weed & Pest 60th Annual Conference & Business Mtg 16 Janet Valle 27-Nov-04