List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)             
2005   State   Approved   Date    
Course Date City Province Title of Course CEU's Submitted by submitted Email address for submitter  
15-Mar Durango CO 13h Annual Four Corners Weed Mgmt Symposium 5 Jason Mietchen 9-Mar-05
Mar 22-24 Morgantown WV 2005 Appalachian Grazing Conference 8 Kim Stine 1-May-05
Mar 14-17 Arlington VA 2005 DoD Natural Resources Training Workshop 16 Richard Riddle 25-Mar-05
Mar 1-3 Woodland CA 2005 Ntrl Resource Coordinating Conference 12 (6/day) Gary Markegard 10-Nov-05
Mar 16-19 Arlington VA 70th North American Wildlife & Natural Resources Conference 16 Tommy Wright 1-Jun-06
2-Mar Davis CA Biomass Conversion 4 Dick McCleery
Mar 28-31 Davis CA Conservation Biology/Restoration Ecology  16 Susan Forbes 6-Apr-05
15-Mar Wheatland KS Conservation Security Program (CSP) 2 James Webb
Mar 15-16 Washington DC Ecological Site Description (ESD) Workshop 5 Don Bedunah 17-Mar-05
17-Mar DuBois PA Forest Health 2005 2 Clare Hydock 12-Sep-06
Mar 14-17 Pendleton OR Malheur Umatilla & Wallowa-Whitman National Forests Rangeland Mgmt Mtg 16 Shelley Douthett 6-Apr-05
Mar 30-31 Detroit Lakes MN MN Grazing Specialists Mtg 8 Lance Smith 11-Jul-05
7-Mar Bismarck ND ND Rangelands Technical Luncheon 1 Jeff Printz 11-Mar-05
Mar 28-Apr 1 Las Vegas NM NEDC Prescribed Burn Course 16 Pat Shaver 4-Apr-05
Mar 23-26 Corvallis OR Northwest Scientific Assoc 78th Annual Mtg 15 Gene Hickman 25-Mar-05
23-Mar Bishop CA Pesticide Safety Education Seminar 8 Rick Delmas 19-Dec-05
Mar 1-2 Rapid City SD Planning & Contracting in Indian Country (USDA-NRCS) 4 Kelly O'Connell 14-Mar-05
22-Mar Jackson CA Ranching in the Foothills 4 Dick McCleery
Mar 15-17 Montrose CO Range Permit Administration Short Course 2 Monica Klingler 28-Mar-05
Mar 29-Apr 1 Fort Worth TX Rangeland Ecology II (NRCS Course-A New Paradigm for Evaluating Veg Change on Rangelands 16 Georg Peacock 1-Jan-05
3-Mar Akron CO Rangeland Health Assessment 5 Julie Elliott 25-Mar-05
Mar 30-31 McCook NE Republican River Valley:  Living on the Edge 9 Duane Cheney 25-Feb-05
Mar 14-18 Las Cruces NM Restricted-Use Applicator Certification Training 16 Ruben Leal 13-May-05
Mar 28-Apr 1 Elko NV Sage Grouse in Sagebrush Communities-NRCS Workshop 16 Denise Adkins 16-Mar-06
Mar 1-3 Boise ID Seed Processing Workshop 10 Mark Hafkenschiel 22-May-06
Mar 7-10 Eugene OR T&E Species Mgmt & Consultation (BLM) 16 Matt Spaulding 14-Jan-05
11-Mar Phoenix AZ The Arizona Water Settlements Act:  Negotiation Enactment & Implementation 2 Joe Hiller 29-Mar-05
Mar 18-19 Fort Worth TX TSCRAs 11th Annual 2005 School for Successful Ranching 11 Mark Perrier 10-Nov-04
31-Mar Big Springs TX Turning Blue Quail into Green 4 Don Q. Cox 1-Apr-05
Mar 8-19 Vancouver BC Western Society of Weed Science 58th Annual Mtg 16 Judy Robinson 7-Feb-05