List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)               
2005 Location   Approved   Date  
Course Date City State/Province Title of Course CEUs Submitted by submitted Email address for submitter  
June 22-24 Steamboat Springs CO 2005 CFWE Tour-Yampa/Green/White River Basins 8
June 11-15 Bloomington IL 2005 Conference of the AFGC 12
June 22-24 Euphrata/Soap Lake WA 2005 PNW Summer Meeting & Tour 3 Ken Primrose 13-Jun-05
June 28-30 Hot Springs SD 2005 SD Rangeland Days  4 Jeff Vander Wilt 8-Jul-05
June 15-17 San Antonio TX 2005 SWCS TX Council Meeting 9 (W-3/TH-6) Diane Arnod 23-May-05
June 19-24 Half Moon Bay CA 21st Annual California Range & Natural Resources Camp 16
June 7-10 Sturgis SD 30th Annual Youth Range Camp 16 Tate Lantz 19-Jul-05
June 1-2 Browning MT 4th Annual Blackfeet Grazing Seminar:Grassroots Approach to Managing our Native Rangelands 5 Allan Hanley 6-Apr-06
June 6-10 Logan UT 7th Intl Symposium on Poisonous Plants (ISOPP7) 16 29-Nov-04
Jun 18-25 Breckenridge CO American Society of Mining & Reclamation 22nd Mtg 16 (6/day) Vern Pfannenstiel 26-Jan-06
June 16-17 Scott City KS Basic Stream Assessment Workshop 7 Chris Berens 26-Apr-05
June 22-23 Horse Prairie Guard Station MT Beaverhead-Deerlodge NF Range Session 8 Garland Shaw 27-Jun-05
14-Jun Steamboat Springs CO Cattlemens College (part of 2005 CCA Conference) 2
3-Jun Limon CO CO Section Spring Tour 2 Rob Alexander 10-May-05
June 21-23 Leader SK Discovering the Great Sand Hills Workshop & Tour 8 B. Ross Macdonald 31-Mar-05
16-Jun Fall River Cnty SD Excellence in Range Mgmt Tour - John Sides Ranch 3 Tate Lantz 2-Aug-05
June 14-16 Prineville OR Grazing Mgmt for Riparian-Wetland Area 12 Sandy Wyman 25-Jun-05
23-Jun River Falls WI Grazing Plan Technical Requirements for Conservationists 5 Dan Caudle 31-Oct-05
1-Jun San Luis Obispo CA Guidelines for Managing California's Hardwood Rangelands 6 John Stechman 7-Jun-05
Jun 21-22 Livermore CA Guidelines for Managing California's Hardwood Rangelands 6 Larry Ford 21-Feb-06
June 27-28 Lloyd AB Holistic Mgmt Conference-Being the Change You Expect 7 Louis Hagener 2-Jul-05
Jun 6-10 Plymouth MN Hydric Soils for Wetland Delineation 16 Krecia Leddy 20-Apr-07
11-Jun ID National Laboratory ID ID Section Summer Field Tour 3 Roger Blew 20-May-05
1-Jun Valley Ford CA Livestock: Riparian Grazing Options-Beyond Exclusionary Fencing 4 Stephanie Larson 8-Jun-05
6-Jun Holbrook NE McCook Area Field Tour 2 Julie Elliott 10-Jun-05
June 20-21 Valles Caldera AZ Mtg of the Scientific Advisors in advance of the VCT Board Mtg 9 Peter Sundt 13-Mar-06
15-Jun Streeter ND NDSU Central Grasslands Reserch Ext Ctr's 25th Annual Field Tour 2 Paul Nyren 18-Nov-05
June 15-16 Akron CO New Instructions for Rangeland Field Study Data Collection 8 James R. Webb 23-Jun-05
June 14-16 Glenwood Springs CO Noxious Weed Training- USFS 14 Tom McClure 27-Jun-05
June 17-19 Waco TX NPAT 3rd Biennial Prairies & Savannah Conference 14 (f-6/7-sat/1-sun) J. Spanlg/er/L.Stone 14-May-05
28-Jun Union OR OSU Range Field Day 6 Michael McInnis 11-Mar-05
7-Jun Wilcox AZ Our Water Our Choice Our Future-Wilcox Play Watershed Forum 3 Jim Riggs 26-Feb-07
June 14-23 Logan UT Plant-Herbivore Interations 16 George Peacock 11-Apr-05
6-Jun Mandan ND Range Forum - Dr Kevin Sedivec 1 Jeff Printz 8-Jun-05
June 20-24 Fort Worth TX Rangeland Ecology:  Principles & Applications (NRCS Shortcourse) 16 George Peacock 11-Apr-05
Jun 14-17 Banff AB Reflections on Our Future: A New Century of Water Stewardship 16
June 21-22 Truckee CA Regional Fen Workshop 11(T-6,W-5_ Joyce Wood 6-Sep-05
Jun 26-28 Keystone CO Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute (RMCMI) 101st Conv & Annual Mtg 16 Vern Pfannenstiel 26-Jan-06
Jun 21-22 ID Salmon-Challis Natl Forest Range Analysis Workshop & Field Tour 8 Glenn Seaberg 5-Jan-07
June 6-10 Colorado Springs CO SW FL Research & Education Ctr Invasive Plants Field Day 16 Josh Saunders 13-May-05
2-Jun Immokalee FL SW FL Research & Education Ctr Invasive Plants Field Day 2 Ken Lackmann 20-May-05
14-Jun FFR TX Teachers Workshop-Franklin Family Ranch 8 (2-T/4-W/2-TH) Charles Cowsert 22-Jun-05
10-Jun Denton TX TX Riparian Association Workshop 7 Ed Fredrickson 29-May-05
June 6-10 Lake Allen Henry Mit. Area TX USDA-NRCS Conservation Planning-Rangeland/Wildlife 8 Tony Garcia 20-Jun-05
June 15-16 Skull Valley & Tintic Valley UT UT Section Summer Field Tour 7(W-3/TH/4) Chris Call 20-Apr-05
Jun 21-22 River Falls WI WI Grazing School 10 Dan Caudle 31-Oct-05
June15-17 Sheridan WY WY Rangeland Mgmt School 301 14 Joe Hicks 5-Jul-05
June 26-July 1 Lyman WY WY Resources Education Days (WyRED) 16/week Steve Hannan 31-Mar-05
June 26-July 1 Dublin Ireland XX International Grassland Congress-Grasslands A Global Resource 16 2-Nov-04