List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)             
2005 Location   Approved   Date  
Course Date City State/Province Title of Course  CEUs Submitted by submitted Email address for submitter  
July 14, 2005 Las Cruces NM 15th Annual Jornada Symposium 7
July 13, 2005 Long Pine/Ainsworth NE 2005 NE Section Summer Range Tour 4 Jerry Volesky 23-Feb-2005
July 21-23 Elko Cnty NV 2005 NV Section Summer Meeting & Tour 4
July 14-15/Jul 21-22 Fredonia KS Basic Stream Assessment Workshop 7 Chris Berens 26-Apr-05
July 20-22 Montrose CO CCWS & CO Section-Up With Range & Wildlife Summer Mtg & Tour 4 (th-3/f-1) Rob Alexander 13-May-2005
July 18-26 Kananaskis FRS AB Field Course-River Habitats & Hydraulics 16 Rudi Reinecke 31-Mar-2005
July 20-21 Pocatello ID Geo-spatial & Range Sciences Conference 6 (w-2/th-4) Keith Weber 18-May-2005
July 21, 2005 Hayti SD Hamlin County Summer Grazing Tour 2 John Lentz 27-Jul-2005
July 21-23 Dillon MT International Mountain Section Summer Field Tour & Meeting, Cruisin' the Wisdom River 4 Louis Hagener 3-Aug-2005
26-Jul Denver CO Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health version 4 8 Fred Hall 19-Dec-2005
July 5-8 Rock Springs 4H Ctr KS KS Section Range Youth Camp 16(8/day) Chris Tecklenburg 25-Apr-2005
July Lincoln County MN Lincoln Cnty Pasture Walk 1 Lance Smith 6-Jul-2005
July 20-21 Roaring Springs TX Livestock Watering Systems 10 (6/W,4/TH) Kevin Wright 18-Aug-2005
21-Jul Alturas CA Modoc Noxious Weed Mgmt Working Group 4th Annual Workshop 3 Richard Westman 7-Dec-2005
12-Jul Alturas CA Modoc Weed Tour 3 Richard Westman 7-Dec-2005
July 12, 2005 Moody Cnty SD Moody County Grazing Tour 2 John Lentz 13-Jul-2005
July 26-28 Twin Falls ID Multiple Indicator Monitoring Training Session 16 John Speck 15-Aug-2005
July 3-6 Glasgow Scotland Pastoral Systems in Marginal Environs (XX IGC 2005) 16 2-Nov-2004
July 12-15 Pierre SD Rangeland Ecology II (NRCS Course-A New Paradigm for Evaluating Veg Change on Rangelands 16 George Peacock 11-Apr-2005
July 18-22 Bismarck ND Rangeland Ecology:  Principles & Applications (NRCS Shortcourse) 16 George Peacock 11-Apr-2005
July 19-20 Murdo SD SDGLC 4th Annual Coalition Bus Tour 10 (5/day) David Steffen 28-Nov-06
July 30-Aug 4 Rochester NY Soil & Water Conservation Society 2005 Annual Conference 16
July 18-22 Hopland CA SRF Bioengineering Field School 16 Kent Reeves 12-Jul-2005
July 11-13 Whitehall MT The Whitehall Project-A Replicable Weed Fighting Stratagy 16 Reggie Clark 10-May-2005
July 20, 2005 Leyendecker Rsrch Ctr NM Water Hogs - Canal Weeds 2005 Field Day 3 Rich LaCasse 1-Jul-2005