List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)             
2005 Location   Approved   Date    
Course Date City State/Province Title of Course CEUs Submitted by submitted Email address for submitter  
Aug 17-19 Young AZ 2005 AZ Section Summer Meeting & Field Trip 4 Dan Bell 17-Jun-05
Aug 23-25 Morgantown WV 2005 Conservation Farm Program State Tour 9(3/day) Ron Hilliard 12-Sep-05
Aug 8-9 Kearney NE 2005 NE Grazing Conference (5th Annual) 11
Aug 18-19 Nederland CO 2005 Summer Field Tour of the High Altitude Revegetation Group 4 14-Jun-05
Aug 2-4 Farmington NM 2005 SW Noxious Weed Short Course 16 Jeff Schalau 21-Jul-05
Aug 4-6 Oklahoma City OK 53rd Annual OCA Convention & Trade Show 2005 4 Ron Courtney 24-Mar-06
24-Aug Bismark ND August Range Forum-Ecological Site Description & Web Soil Survey Overview 1 Jeff Printz 26-Aug-05
Aug 18-19 Russell KS Basic Stream Assessment Workshop 7 Chris Berens 26-Apr-05
Aug 25-26 Wakarusa KS Basic Stream Assessment Workshop 7 Chris Berens 26-Apr-05
Aug 8-9 Alameda Cnty CA CA Tiger Salamander Workshop 9 Dennis Nay 8-Aug-05
Aug 15-19 Redwood Falls MN Conservation Planning for Resource Mgmt Systems (RMS) 10 Lance Smith
27-Aug Tunnelton WV Dave Miller Field Day 3 Ron Hilliard 12-Sep-05
11-Aug Midland TX Dove Appreciation Days 4 Ray Schimcek 15-Aug-05
Aug 7-12 Montreal QB ESA 90th AGM and 9th International Congress of Ecology  16 Mike Schellenberg 22-Aug-05
Aug 16-17 Davis CA GIS for Resource Managers & Professionals 12 Jeffrey Creque 15-Aug-05
9-Aug Mossbank SK Grazing & Stock Watering Field Day 5 Ross Macdonald 14-Nov-05
12-Aug Goodwater/Weyburn SK Grazing & Stock Watering Field Day 4 Ross Macdonald 14-Nov-05
Aug 5-6 Oklahoma City OK Grazing Lands Dollar$ & Cent$ 9 (7-F/2-S) 27-Jun-05
3-Aug Rose Dell Township MN Grazing Management Workshop 4 Lance Smith 5-Aug-05
Aug 1-5 Little Falls MN Jurisdictional Delineation of Wetlands in MN 16 Krecia Leddy 20-Apr-07
Aug 23-25 Junction City KS KS Advanced Adul Range School 10 Dale Kirkham 20-Feb-07
Aug 15-18 Tucson AZ Low Cost Cow/Calf Program 16 Leland Schoon 29-Aug-05
Aug 9-11 Alpine TX Managing Wildlife in the SW-New Challenges for the 21st Century 11 Robert Kinucan 23-Mar-07
26-Aug Prineville OR Maury Mountain Grazing Allotment Tour 6 Fred Hall 19-Dec-05
13-Aug Benson MN MN Grazefest 2005 5 John Gunderson 17-Aug-05
12-Aug Benson MN MN Grazefest 2005-Grazing for Excellence 2 John Gunderson 17-Aug-05
aug 9-11 Salmon ID Multiple Indicator Monitoring Training 16 Glenn Seaberg 5-Jan-07
Aug 8-12 Davis & Napa CA National Training Course-Soil Bioengineering 16 John Fusaro 15-Aug-05
3-Aug Pasture Condition Scoring Training Session 6 Ron Hilliard 12-Sep-05
Aug 26-31 Laufenburg Ranch CA Planning, Designing, Implementing & Evaluating Ecological Restoration Projects 6 Kent Reeves 17-Aug-05
Aug 8-11 Mason TX Prescribed Fire Field Course for the Summer Burns in TX 16 Charles Anderson 22-Aug-05
10-Aug Sonoita Fairgrounds AZ Principles of Collecting & Interpreting Utilization on Southwestern Rangelands 6 Kim McReynolds 23-Aug-05
Aug 23-24 Lehi UT Riparian-Wetland Proper Functioning Condition (PFC) Training 10(d1-7, d2-3) Steve Smith 6-Apr-05
Aug 25-26 Lake Tahoe CA Tahoe & Beyond:  Erosion Control Storm Water Mgmt & Restoration Symposium 8 (th-5,f-3) Richard Nichols 7-Dec-05
Aug 26-31 Montrose CO The Savory Ctr Ranch & Range Mgr Training School:  An Intro to Holistic Mgmt 16 Ann Adams 20-Jan-05