List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)             
2005 Location   Approved   Date    
Course Date City State/Province Title of Course CEUs Submitted by  submitted Email address for submitter  
Sep 1-14 Tucson AZ 2005 NACD SW/Pacific Regional & Western Coalition Mtg 8 Deb Smith 14-Nov-05
Sept 23-24 El Reno OK 2005 OK Section Annual Meeting 7
Sep 21-24 Lincoln NE 32nd Natural Areas Conference:  Changing Natural Landscapes 16 Arnold Mendenhall 12-Oct-05
Sept 28-31 CA CARC&DC Annual Fall Conference 2 Dick McCleery
Sept 27-29 Wichita KS CPR for Wetlands & Streams II 12 (W/6,TH/6) Carol Blocksome 12-Aug-05
1-Sep Watsonville CA Defining the Science of Monitoring Grasslands for Management Goals 7 Larry Ford 21-Feb-06
Sept 14-16 Kerrville TX Fire as a Tool for Managing Wildlife Habitat in TX 13 (w-4/th 7/fri-2) Wayne Hamilton 13-May-05
Sept 8-10 Sarasota FL GLCI Fall Meeting 3 (Tour-2, Mtg11) Krecia Leddy 20-Sep-05
6-Sep Vermillion SD Grazing Workshop 3 David Steffen 28-Nov-06
Sept 7-8 Stanford MT Judith Basin Cnty Range School 6(W-3, TH-3) Reggie Clark 9-Sep-05
14-Sep Yates Center KS KSU Bressner Pasture Field Day 3 Dale Kirkham 20-Feb-07
Sep 21-22 Blackstrap SK Livestock Interagency Orientation Mtg 11 (d1-6, d2-5) Ross Macdonald
Sep 19-21 Grand Rapids MN MN Grazing Specialists Meeting 12 (M-1, TU-7, W-1) Lance Smith
8-Sep Vashon WA MT Agricultural Law Issues 9 Jodi Hastings 8-Nov-05
Sept 26-30 Albuquerque NM NM Programs Training 10 Clyde Boyle 11-Jun-07
6-Sep Cockesville MD Pasture Walk-Mineral Cnty 2 Ron Hilliard 12-Sep-05
9-Sep Sanderson TX Pecos & Terrell Cnty Deer Workshop 7 Ray Schimcek 31-Oct-05
13-Sep Kerrville TX Pest Mgmt & Conservation Planning 3 Ray Schimcek 31-Oct-05
14-Sep San Angelo TX Pest Mgmt & Conservation Planning 3 Ray Schimcek 31-Oct-05
15-Sep Fort Stockton TX Pest Mgmt & Conservation Planning 3 Ray Schimcek 31-Oct-05
27-Sep Bridwell Ranch TX Ranching in the "Revuelto":  A Historic Review 5 Tony Garcia 3-Oct-05
7-Sep Mandan ND Range Forum-Remote Sensing on Rangeland 1.5 Jeff Printz 17-Oct-05
9-Sep Prescott AZ Rangeland Health Workshop 7 Jeff Schalau 27-Jul-05
7-Sep Tucson AZ Regional Monitoring Partnership-Recreational Impact Monitoring 8 Jennifer Ruyle 1-Mar-07
Sept 20-21 Monticello UT Riparian-Wetland Proper Functioning Condition (PFC) Training 10(d1-7, d2-3) Steve Smith 6-Apr-05
Sept 13-15 Oacoma AD SD GrazingSchool-Patures to Profit 16 (tu-8/w-7/th-3) David Steffen 28-Nov-06
29-Sep Alameda SK SWAAC Tour 2 Ross Macdonald 14-Nov-05
Sept 15-16 San Francisco CA The Bay Area Grasslands Mgmt Conference 10 (7/Th,3/F) Jon Gustafson 11-Aug-05
Sept 25-29 Madison WI The Wildlife Society 12th Annual Conference 16 26-May-05
Sept 19-22 Alpine TX Trans Pecos & Big Bend ESD Modeling Workshop 14 (m-4, t-3, w-3, th-4) Dan Caudle 31-Oct-05
10-Sep Prescott AZ Water Banking Workshop 7 Jeff Schalau 27-Jul-05
8-Sep Fort Stockton TX Zone 2 Nutrient Mgmt Training 5 Ray Schimcek 31-Oct-05