List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)           
2007 Location   Approved   Date      
Course Date City State/Province Title of Course CEU's Submitted by submitted Email address for contact Web site  
May 17-19 Santa Barbara CA 2007 Annual Conf of the CNGA & Cal Pac SRM Spring Meeting & Tour 16 (th-7/fr-7/sa-2) David Kelly
23-May Belton TX 2007 Dickson Ranch Field Day 2 Dalton Merz 29-May-07
May 9-11 Wagoner OK 2007 Forest Utilization Conference & Expo 4 Ron Hilliard 7-Jun-07
May 15-17 Joliet IL 2007 National Grassland Managers Meeting 13 Robert Novotny 27-Apr-07
16-May Dubois ID 2007 Roadside & Range Weed Control Seminar 5 Brian McLain 30-Apr-07
May 21-25 Las Cruces NM 50th Anniversary Desert Soil-Geomorphology Project Tour 13 (3/day m-th, 1-fr) Peter Sundt 4-May-08
May 1-3 Oklahoma City OK 56th Annual National Land & Range Judging Contest 6 Ron Hilliard 7-Jun-07
May 1-2 Fort Yates ND Animal Grazing Behavior: Understanding & Managing Livestock Wildlife Plants Soils & People 14 Stan Boltz
May 30-31 Sisters OR Assessing Riparian Condition-2007 9 Don Sargent 25-Jun-07
30-May Orovada NV Cattle as Fuel Reduction Agents on Cheatgrass-Dominated Rangelands 3 Tommy Wright 16-May-07
14-May Leeray Ranch TX Eastland-Stephens County Range Field Day 2 Jeff Goodwin 2-Mar-07
May 30-31 San Angelo TX ECS-GSAT Training 11 Phillip Wright 7-Jun-07
May 15-17 Reardan WA Grazing Mgmt for Riparian-Wetland Areas `5 Fredrick Hall 21-Dec-08
May 15-16 Buffalo WY Managing for Sage Grouse Habitat & Agronomic Benefits 10 Phil Gonzales
18-May Clay County TX Managing Habitat for Wildlife & Livestock 4 Tony Dean 21-May-07
24-May Vasco Caves EBRPD CA Monitoring Native Grasses 4 Larry Ford 27-Mar-08
May 14 Prescott AZ Noxious/Invasive Weed Workshop 4 Jef Schalau
May 10-11 Okemah OK OK Farm & Ranch Summit 6 Ron Hilliard 7-Jun-07
May 15-17 Prineville OR Pasture Management Professional Development Workshop 16 Glen Shewmaker 20-Jun-07\
22-May Sonora TX Ranchers Round Up-TX Cooperative Extension 2 Bruce Deere 24-May-07
17-May Luling TX The Luling Foundation 80th Annual Field Day 3 Dalton Merz 29-May-07
Jan 16 - May 8 San Marcos TX TX State Land Development & Mgmt Course 16 C.A. Cowsert 24-May-07
May 8-9 Island City OR Vegetation Management in Riparian Planting Projects 9 Alan Bahn 14-May-07
May 21-25 Vancouver WA West Forest Ecological Site Coordination Workshop 12 Meg Bishop 9-Aug-07
May 30-Jun 2 Riverton WY WSGA Convention & Tradeshow 8 (th-4/f-4) John Likins 26-Sep-07