List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)               
2007 Location   Approved   Date    
Course Date City State/Province Title of Course CEUs Submitted by submitted Email address for contact  
Jun 10-13 Timber Lake SD 2007 Ag Lenders Range Camp 14 Kent Baumberger 06/152007
Jun 18-20 Steamboat Springs CO 2007 CCA-CCW-JCCA Annual convention and Trade Show (tues only) 4
Jun 17-22 Junction TX 2007 TX Youth Range Workshop 16 Paul Loeffler 11-Jun-07
Jun 17-22 Half Moon Bay CA 23rd Annual Range & Natural Resources Camp 16 Mark Horney 20-Mar-07
June 20-21 Eagle Butte SD 24th Annual SD Rangeland Days 9 Rodney Voss
Jun 6-8 College Station TX 41st Annual Meeting TX Chpt SWCS-New Technologies for Tomorrow 5 Diane Arnold 9-May-07
29-Jun Cotopaxi CO CO Section Summer Range Tour 1 Julie Elliott
27-Jun Morris MN Conservation & Bioenergy 2 Krecia Leddy 2-Jul-07
June 20-21 Cypress Hills SK Discovering the Cypress Hills Workshop & Tour (in conjunction with the 9th Annual NPAW) 10 (w-6/th-4) Karyn Scalise 24-May-07
Jun 26-28 Portland OR ESA West National Workshop 6 Meg Bishop 26-Jun-07
June 12-14 Missoula MT Forest Habitat Types of MT for NRCS 15 (5/day) Tammy DeCock 20-Sep-07
June 7-8 Beloit KS KS SRM Spring Meeting 3 Walter Fick 10-Feb-07
21-Jun TX Managing Your Forage Dollar-Improved Grasses Field Day 4 Royce Siebman 29-Jun-07
Jun 5-6 Longmont CO Noxious Weed Training 12 Tom McClure 31-May-07
26-Jun La Grande OR OSU Dept of Rangeland Ecology & Mgmt Range Field Day 6 Mike MkInnis 30-Apr-07
Jun 5-7 Caldwell ID Prescribed Grazing Training 15 (d1-5/d2-8/d3-2) Scott Engle 29-Nov-07
Jun 12-14 Pocatello ID Prescribed Grazing Training 15 (d1-5/d2-8/d3-2) Scott Engle 29-Nov-07
21-Jun Wray CO Ranchers Field Day 2 Ben Berlinger 22-Jun-07
29-Jun Tarzan TX Range Livestock & Wildlife Field Day 3 Ray Schimcek 14-Jan-08
Jun 12-13 Wall SD Range Similarity Index & Range Inventory 6 Mike Stirling 6-Jul-07
Jun 20-22 Kamloops BC SRM  PNW Section Summer Meeting and Tour 8 (th-6/fr-2) Joe Wagner 18-Apr-07
Jun 5-9 Coleman County TX SRM  TX Section Summer Meeting and Tour 9 Ricky Linex 7-May-07
Jun 5-6 Casper WY Water 101 7 Homer Morris 26-Jun-07
Jun 5-7 Kaycee WY WY Rangeland Management School 101 12
June 5-7 Kaycee WY WY Rangeland Management School 301 11 Joe Hicks 13-Jul-2007
June 25-28 Casper WY WY Rangeland Management School 501 16 Joe Hicks 13-Jul-2007