List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)             
2007 Location   Approved      
Course Date City State/Province Title of Course  CEUs Submitted by Date submitted Email address for contact Website  
Nov 28-29 Fort Collins CO 2007 CO Section Annual Mtg 6 (w-4/th-2) Robbie LeValley 31-Oct-07 Robbie.Levalley@ColoState.EDU
15-Nov Shawnee OK 2007 NF2 Coop Meeting 3 Mark Klimkowsky 30-Nov-07
Nov 7-10 Rancho Cordova CA 62nd Annual CARCD Resource Conservation Conference 12 (w-2/th-5/f-5) Marc Horney 3-Oct-07 (
Nov 1-3 Bishop CA CalPac/NV Joint Fall Meeting 8 (f-5/s-3) Robert Pearce 4-Sep-07
Nov 27-29 New Braunfels TX Changing Roles in Natural Resources: Opportunities in New Audiences & Partnerships 16 (T-6/W-7/TH-6) Mark Moseley 8-Nov-07
15-Nov Walnut Creek CA Contra Costa Watershed 6 Tim Koopmann
15-Nov Tucson AZ Coronado National Forest Grant Workshop 3 Sharon Biedenbender 13-Dec-07
Nov 12-15 Robert Lee TX Feral Hog Appreciation Day 6 Bruce Deere 21-Nov-07
14-Nov Pocatello ID GIS Day 2007, Idaho State University 7 Scott Engle 29-Nov-07
Nov 7-10 Quanah TX Hardeman Cnty Fall Ag Seminar 3 Clint Rollins 8-Nov-07
Nov 1-4 Albuquerque NM HMI International Gathering 2007-From the Ground Up: Practical Solutions to Complex Problems 13 (f-6/sa-6/su-1) Richard King 22-Feb-08
Nov 1-2 Red Deer AB IM Section Fall Meeting-Climate Change & Impacts on Rangelands 5
Nov 5-6 Lake Ozark MO Missouri Forage & Grassland Council / GLCI 2007 Annual Conference  9 Mark Kennedy 7-Aug-07
Nov 27-29 Petaluma CA NCED Conference-Cover Stornetta Organic Farms 7 Charlette Epifanio 30-Nov-07
Nov 27-29 Oklahoma City OK Oklahoma Ag Expo 11 (w-8/th-3) Mark Klimkowsky 30-Nov-07
Nov 27-29 Durango CO Project Level Economic & Social Analysis 12 (6/day) Mark Tucker 24-Jan-08
Nov 27-29 Albuquerque NM Region-3 Rangeland Managers & Staff Officers Meeting 14 (t-4/w-7/th-3) Judith Dyess 30-Jan-08
15-Nov Colorado Springs CO Soil & Water Conservation for Viable Biofuels Systems 5 1-Nov-07
Nov 6-8 Bishop CA Streambank Soil Bioengineering Technical Training Workshop 16 Rob Pearce 10-Nov-07
Nov 1-2 Paso Robles CA Sustainable Ag Expo 8 Tim Koopmann 19-Nov-07
Nov 12-15 Colorado Springs CO Sustaining Agriculture & the Environ-CACD Annual Mtg m-2/t-4/t GLCI-3/w-6 Jeffery Linn 141/01/2007
Nov 26-28 Lander WY SWCS SRM TWS Annual Meeting-WY's Wildlife Habitat: From the Ground Up 16 ttl (mon ses-4/t-7/w-7) Misty Hays 18-Oct-07
Nov 26-27 Albuquerque NM TES/TEU Inventory: Principles Procedures & Applications Workshop 8 (4/day) Judith Dyess 30-Jan-08
Nov 8-9 Camp Verde AZ The Dynamic Nature & Natural Diversity of Riparian Areas 8 (th-5/f-3) George Zaimes 4-Oct-07
19-Nov Mandan ND The Effects of Grazing on Root Biomass & Restoration 1 Jeff Printz 20-Nov-07
8-Nov Midland TX The Pipeling Group program 2 Ray Schimcek 12-Mar-08
29-Nov Canon City CO Upper Arkansas Cooperative Weed Mgmt Area Info Meeting 5 Jeff Linn 29-Nov-07
Nov 1-2 Price UT UT Section Winter Mtg-Integrated Research Monitoring & Rangeland Mgmt 9 Tom Monaco 24-Sep-07
27-Nov Camp Verde AZ Why Don't Cows Get Pregnant? Range Livestock Nutrition School 6 Dwayne Warrick 20-Nov-07