List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)             
2008 Location   Approved   Date    
Course Date City State/Province Title of Course CEU's Submitted by submitted Email address for submitter/contact Website  
Feb 21-22 Huron SD 10th Annual SD Weed & Pest Conference 8 (th-5/w-3) Robert Novotny 24-Mar-08
Feb 27-28 Durango CO 16th Annual Four-Corners Weed Symp & 2nd Annual La Plata Energy Council Weed Conf Either 6/both 9 Jason Mietchen 23-Apr-08
11-Feb Brookings SD 2008 Annual Pesticide Recertification Shortcourse 6 Robert Novotny 18-Dec-07
Jan 28/Feb 4/Feb 11 Overbrook OK 2008 Early Spring Roundup 6 (3/night) Mark Klimkowski 26-Feb-08
Feb 14-15 Ames IA 2008 Iowa Prescribed Fire Conference 14 (th-8/fri-6) Austin Sewell 5-Feb-08
5-Feb Mountain Home ID 2008 Irrigation Workshop 4 Ron Blake 14-Feb-08
13-Feb Pipestone MN 2008 Minnesota Cow/Calf Days 3 Lance Smith 2-Sep-08
Feb 12-14 Grass Valley CA 2008 R-5 Rangeland Managers Workshop 15 (t-5/w-6/th-4) Susan Forbes 17-Mar-08
Feb 21-23 Austin TX 2008 Statewide Land Trust Conference - Taking Pride in Texas 12 Wesley Newman 14-Apr-08
Feb 13-14 San Antonio TX 43rd TCTWS Annual Conference-Distance Sampling Workshop 12 (w-8/th-4) Chip Ruthven 4-Mar-08
15-Feb San Antonio TX 43rd TCTWS Annual Conference-Plenary Session 2 Chip Ruthven 4-Mar-08
Feb 14-15 San Antonio TX 43rd TCTWS Annual Conference-Posters 4/day Chip Ruthven 4-Mar-08
Feb 15-16 San Antonio TX 43rd TCTWS Annual Conference-Tech Sessions f - 3 / s - 4 Chip Ruthven 4-Mar-08
Feb 13-16 McAllen TX 4th Intl Partners in Flight Conference - Tundra to Tropics 16 Wesley Newman 14-Apr-08
Feb 21-23 Sonora TX Academy for Ranch Mgmt Prescribed Rangeland Burning 16 max (th-6/f-8/s-4) Lamar Smith 7-Mar-08
19-Feb St. Paul MN Biofuel Production & Wildlife Protection 6 Robert Self 6-Mar-08
Feb 7-9 Alpine TX Borderlands Research Inst for Natural Resources Mgmt 2 Robert Kinucan 27-Mar-09
Feb 10-13 Reno NV Conservation: Beyond Boundaries -NACD 2008 9 Brenda Schladweiler 15-Sep-08
25-Feb Watertown SD Coteau Area Grazing Workshop 1/4/1900 Krecia Leddy 29-Feb-08
Feb 14-15 San Miguel CA Elkhorn Slough Coastal Training Program Experts Roundtable 8 (th-2/f-6) Larry Ford 27-Mar-08
Feb 27-28 Ely NV ENLC Invasive Plant Management-How to Manage Noxious Weeds Ecologically & Economically 9 (w-6/th-3)
Feb 27-28 Regina SK Greencover Canada TAC Project Fair: Celebrating Success & Planning for the Future 11 (w-7/th-4) Tyson LeRuyet 31-Jan-07
29-Feb Brenham TX Helping People Help the Land 4 Veronica O'Donnell 17-Apr-08
Feb 5-7 Fallon NV Intrduction to Prescribed Burning 15 (t-3/w-8/th-4) Pat Shaver 11-Feb-08
Feb 13-14 Missoula MT Invasive Species in Natural Areas:  A Conference on Impacts & Mgmt 12 (w-8/th-4) Don Bedunah 10-Jan-07
Feb 21-23 Wichita KS KS Natural Resources Conference 12 (f-8/s-4) Carol Blocksome 6-Mar-08
8-Feb Santa Rosa CA Livestock Grazing on Vernal Pool Landscapes 4 Joan Schwan 14-Dec-07
26-Feb Paducah TX Matador WMA Prescribed Burning Workshop 6 Kory Perlicheck 3-Jan-07
1-Feb Fargo ND NDSU Animal & Range Sciences Graduate Seminar: Comparison of Conventional & Organic Beef Production Systems 1 Carolyn Grygiel 6-Feb-08
Feb 6-8 Lincoln NE NE Invasive Species Conference 12 (d1-8/d2-4) Arnorld Mendenhall 22-Feb-08 amajor2&
Feb  20-22 Roswell NM Planning Riparian Treatments in New Mexico Workshop 16 max (d1-8/d2-6/d3-4) George Chavez 14-Feb-08
Febe 27-29 Socorro NM Planning Riparian Treatments in New Mexico Workshop 16 max (d1-8/d2-6/d3-4) George Chavez 14-Feb-08
4-Feb Twin Falls ID Range & Pasture Mgmt Workshop 4 Ken Sanders
Feb 19-20 Kingman AZ Range 101  AZ Guide to Range Mgmt & Analysis 10 (t-4/w-6) Barb Gibson 6-Mar-08
5-Feb Hardin MT Rangeland Management Workshop 4 Matt Ricketts 10-Mar-08
26-Feb MT Rangeland Management Workshop 4 Matt Ricketts 10-Mar-08
27-Feb Billings MT Rangeland Management Workshop 4 Matt Ricketts 10-Mar-08
Feb 6-7 Saskatoon SK SK Beef & Forage Symposium 2008 7 (th only) 17-Dec-07
29-Feb Big Sur CA Soil Indicators of Rangeland Health 6 Larry Ford 27-Mar-08
13-Feb Eureka CA Spartina Summit 2008 6 Richard King 22-Feb-08
29-Feb Brighton CO Terrestrial (Ag & Forestry) Carbon Sequestration Opportunities in Colorado 4 Richard Mullaney 11-Jan-08
Feb 19-21 TX Zone 3 Nutrient Management Training 5 Larry Coffman 16-Mar-09