List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)             
2008 Location   Approved   Date  
Course Date City State/Province Title of Course  CEUs Submitted by submitted Email address for submitter Website  
Jul 30-Au 1 Tusayan AZ 2008 AZ Section Summer Meeting 8 (th-3/f-5)
31-Jul Andover SD 2008 Grazing Tour 1 Rodney Voss 5-Aug-2008
July 28-Aug 1 Redwood MN Conservation Planning for Resorce Mgmt Systems (RMS) 16 Lance Smith 4-Sep-2008
24-Jul Pukwana SD Grass Fed Beef Tour & Pasture Walk 1 John Lentz 28-Jul-08
July 22-24 Lincoln NE Grazinglands Spatial Analysis Tool (GSAT Basic) Training Course 16 Kristin Miller 2-Oct-2008
Jul 24-26 Maycroft AB IM Section Summer Meeting & Tour 6 Mike Alexander 29-May-2008
29-Jul Vivian SD Mellette Cnty Grazing Tour - White Thunder Organics 1 11-Jul-2008
July 30-31 San Marcos TX Range Management Symposium/Workshop 10 Ron Sosebee 15-Sep-2008
8-Jul Boise ID Rangeland Monitoring Workshop for Producers 4 Roy Roath 19-Jun-2008
2-Jul Billings MT Southern Agriculture Research Center Biennial Field Day 4 Steve Saunders 24-Feb-2010
Jul 26-30 Tucson AZ SWCS 2008 Annual Conference 16 max Kristin Smith 8-May-2008