List of Approved Courses for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)             
2008 Location   Approved   Date    
Date of Course City State/Province Title of Course CEUs Submitted by submitted Email address for submitter Website  
30-Oct Kissimmee FL 2008 Central FL Prescribed Fire Council Annual Meeting 5 Ken Lackmann 21-Nov-08
16-Oct Jack County TX 2008 Jack County Range Tour-Brad Campsey Ranch 3 (tour-1/pm-2) Tony Dean 17-Oct-08
Oct 29-30 Lawton OK 2008 Joint Meeting of the OK Section SRM & the OK Chapter of the Wildlife Society: Burning, Birds & Bugling 6 (w-5/th-1) Jerry Dodd
6-Oct Valentine NE 2008 Range Forum 3 Jeff Vander Wilt 27-Oct-08
Oct 8-10 Nacogdoches TX 2008 TSSRM Annual Meeting 12 (w-2/th-6/f-4) 18-Jul-08
Oct 15-17 San Luis Argentina 31st Congreso Argentino de Producción Animal 16 max (8/day) Wade Anderson
Oct 14-17 Nashville TN 35th Natural Areas Conference 16 Eric Worsham 23-Jul-09
Oct 7-10 Columbia SC 6th Eastern Native Grass Symposium 16 Bill Stringer  2-May-08 bstrngr@CLEMSON.EDU
23-Oct Lexington KY 9th Kentucky Grazing Conference 3
Oct 6-7 Valentine NE Annual Mtg of the NE/SD SRM & NE/SD Grasslands Coalitions 7 (t-5/w-2)
Oct 28-30 Park City UT Behavior-Based Mgmt - Embracing Change From Genes to Landscapes 15 ReaAnn Hart 31-Oct-08
Oct 6-9 Santa Barbara CA Bioengineering Field School n the Central Coast 13 (8-class/5-field) Kent Reeves 1-Oct-08
31-Oct Benavides TX Brush Country White-Tailed Deer Clinic 4 Bruce Healy 14-Oct-08
Oct 23-24 Roby TX Brush Sculpting-A Decade Later 9 (th-7/f-1) Nick Garza 15-Oct-08
Oct 16-17 Berkeley CA CAF Dean's Tour 4 Mike Stroud 22-Oct-08
22-Oct Grand Prairie TX Clay County Range & Pasture Update 2 Tony Dean 17-Oct-08
Oct 14-15 Santa Rosa CA CNGA Developing a Sustainable Grazing Plan to Manage Native Grasslands 12 Kent Reeves 11-Sep-08
Oct 6-10 Burns OR Ecologically-based Invasive Plant Mgmt 16 max Brenda Smith 26-Aug-08 Brenda.Smith@ARS.USDA.GOV
Oct 20-22 Oklahoma City OK Farming with Grass: Achieving Sustainable Mixed Agricultural Landscapes in Grasslands Environments 16 (m-3/t-8/w-5) Dewayne Johnson 3-Mar-08
15-Oct Clarendon TX High Plains Brush Management Symposium 6 Jeff Cadenhead 30-Sep-08
8-Oct Jerome ID ID Sage-grouse Advisory Committee Mtg 3 Ken Crane 23-Sep-09
31-Oct Great Falls MT IM Section Annual Meeting 4
17-Oct Apishapa Canyon Ranch CO Joint SWCS/SRM Tour 2 Ben Berlinger 14-Oct-08
1-Oct Beeville TX My Piece of Texas Grazing Workshop 4 Phillip Wright 18-Aug-08
Oct 8-9 Cheyenne WY New Approaches to Managing Semi-arid Grasslands: Promoting Habitat Diversity While Supporting Livestock Production 10 (w-6/th-4)
24-Oct Bonham TX North TX Wildlife Expo 5 Ricky Linex 24-Apr-09
27-Oct Franklin TX Pasture & Ranch Management Seminar 8 Charles Wade 26-Feb-09
Oct 15-17 Ona FL Pasture Weed Day 2008 2 Ken Lackmann 16-Oct-08
Oct 1-4 Williams Lake BC PNW Fall meeting & Tour 10 (th-8/f-2) Karen Raven 27-Aug-08
27-Oct Bazine KS Prescribed Burning Workshop 5 Robert Gillen 7-Jan-09
31-Oct Sonora TX Ranching in the 21st Century 4 Nick Garza 15-Oct-08
22-Oct Bismarck ND Range Forum:  Cows Pheasants & Sharp-Tailed Grouse:  Can They Co-Exist? 1 Jeff Printz 23-Oct-08
11-Oct Tucson AZ Research Insights in Semiarid Ecosystems (RISE) Symposium 5 Mitchel McClaran 9-Jul-08
Oct 7-9 Elko & Wells NV Streambank Soil Bioengineering Technical Training Workshop 16 Rick Orr 6-Nov-08
Oct 2-3 Odessa TX Texas Quail Study Group 4 Ray Schimcek 12-Sep-08
Oct 21-22 Cuyahoga Valley Natl Park OH The Future of Working Cultural Landscapes: Parks, Partners & Local Products 15 (t-7/w-8) (Jeff Creque) 8-Sep-08
Oct 6-8 San Antonio TX TVMAs 17th Annual Conference 11 Rob Brooks 12-Jan-08
23-Oct Youngsport TX Vick Ranch Field Day 4 Dalton Merz 20-Jan-09