2012 Collegiate Trail Boss - University of WyomingOral Presentation PhD 1st - Scasta_JohnPoster PhD 1st - Russell_MorganPoster PhD 2nd - Lohani_SapanaPoster MS 1st - Varelas_LeticiaPoster MS 2nd - Rigby_Deborah2012 High Combined 1st - Clifton_Nadine check with Pat Shaver USDA-NRCS 32012 High Combined 2nd - Tarbox_Bryan2012 High Combined 3rd - Anderson_Karen2012 High Combined 4th - Dalzell_Kyle2012 High Combined 5th - Lyseng_Mark2012 HSYF 1st - Weishuhn_Aaron2012 HSYF 2nd - Everhart_David William2012 HSYF 3rd - Pack_Serina Lee2012 HSYF 4th - Gorecki_Laura2012 HSYF 5th - Linabery_Kassidy2012 HSYF President - Johnson_Alyssa2011 HSYF President - Marburger_Bracken2012 International Travel Fellow - Amgaa_Batbaatar2012 International Travel Fellow - Berman_David2012 Range Plant ID Individual 1st - Surarez Hernandez_Eliseo Bernabel2012 Range Plant ID Individual 2nd - Anderson_Karen2012 Range Plant ID Individual 3rd - Vazquez Lopez_Daysi2012 Range Plant ID Individual 4th - Prado-Tarango_David2012 Range Plant ID Individual 5th - Stapp_Kenna