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The Graduate Student Poster Competition was initiated at the 56th Annual Meeting held in Casper, Wyoming in 2003.  Separate contests are held for Master’s and Ph.D. students with $200 awarded for first place and $100 awarded for second place. The student must have conducted the research presented in the poster and the poster must be accepted by the Annual Meeting Committee to be eligible for the competition.  Only one poster may be entered each year.  However, students may enter as many posters as they wish during their degree programs. 

Posters are judged on scientific content, organization, and presentation and will be evaluated by 2 or more judges.  Click here to see the judging sheet (i.e., judging rubric) that judges will use to evaluate your poster.  Points are assigned based on the criteria listed in the judging rubric.  Posters enrolled in this competition will be exhibited in the general poster session organized by similar topics.  You can expect judges and other interested viewers to visit your poster during your poster viewing time.  The student author must be present during the designated viewing time to be available for questions.  Note that half of the points are dedicated to content, the other half to design, display, and interaction. 

Content refers to the rationale, ideas, and logic used to develop the research projects, the use of sound scientific principles and techniques, results, and discussion.  Poster Design and Display refers to the visual appeal and effectiveness of the poster.  The poster should be uncluttered, easy to read, and easy to understand without interpretation by the author.  Tables and figures should be well-designed, photographs clear, and legends helpful.  All visual aids should be appropriate in that they add to the interpretation of the research, and should be referenced in the poster text.  Personal Interaction evaluates the student's ability to communicate effectively, exhibit confidence and enthusiasm for their work, and the ability to address questions appropriately, demonstrating knowledge and insight about the topic.

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