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70th SRM Annual Meeting & Trade Show

Red Rock and Rangelands

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St. George, UT
January 29 - February 2, 2017


Student Recruitment Event

Student Recruitment Event Program Revised

Below is a link to President Obama's Executive Order (EO) that officially sunsets the FCIP program and SCEP/STEP programs effective March 1, 2011. The EO announces the new Pathways student hiring program. The OPM Pathways Programs contain an Internship Program, a Recent Graduates Program and will also include the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program. The Internship Program will replace the existing Student Career Experience Program which has been abolished. Also you will notice that the current STEP program is being replaced as well. Office of Personnel Management will be developing regulations and guidance for this new program in accordance with the EO.

The agencies have implemented their Pathways Programs and will be able to discuss the hiring procedures during the Student Recruitment Event for the SRM Annual Meetings in Orlando, OK, February 9 - February 13, 2014. Several agencies plan to be onsite at the Rangeland JOBFAIR on Sunday, February 9, 2014, and will be recruiting for available positions under the Pathways Program authority.

Available positions are located on the Rangeland JOBFAIR website at:

Special Note: The Job Fair is open to all members and non-members.

Job Seekers: The 2014 Annual Meeting Registration is not required for participation in the Job Fair.

Several federal agencies (USFS, BLM and NRCS) have successfully coordinated Student Recruitment Event programs at the Society for Range Management annual meetings in past years. For example, at the SRM 60th Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada, 18 Rangeland Management Specialist (RMS, GS-454) entry level vacancies were successfully filled; at the Joint Annual SRM/AFGC meetings in Louisville, Kentucky in 2008, the BLM and USFS successfully filled 17 Rangeland Management Specialist (GS-454) entry level vacancies; at the 62nd Annual Meetings in Albuquerque, NM in 2009 over 40 positions were filled; and in 2010 in Denver, Colorado, over 20 entry-level positions were successfully filled. Several agencies are very interested in pursuing this opportunity again using the new Hiring Authorities at the SRM Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, February 2014.
Who to Contact
For preliminary agency-specific information please contact:
Marc A. Pointel
SRM/BLM Job Fair Coordinator
Spokane, WA 99223
509 448 9988
2013 Job Recruitment Tab

BLM, Washington Office - 200, James L. Lowe, USFS Range Program Manager, WO, Dennis W. Thompson, USDA - NRCS National Range and Grazing Lands Ecologist.
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