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St. George, UT
January 29 - February 2, 2017

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Honor Awards Application

The Society for Range Management honor awards program recognizes members and non-members who have made outstanding contributions to the science and art of range management. Now is the time to begin preparing nominations for individuals who deserve recognition.

The Society Honor Awards are:

  • Frederic G. Renner Award-- The premier Society award requires SRM membership and sustained accomplishments or contributions to range management during the last ten years. Includes honorarium.

  • W.R. Chapline Land Stewardship Award-- Requires SRM membership and effective maintenance or improvement of range resources with lasting efforts. Includes honorarium.

  • W.R. Chapline Research Award-- Requires SRM membership and exceptional and sustained research accomplishments related to rangelands. Includes honorarium.

  • Fellow Award-- Requires SRM membership, continuous for at least ten years, in recognition of service and contributions to the Society.

  • Outstanding Achievement Award-- SRM membership not required. Awarded for outstanding achievement (eminently noteworthy) in any range management-related area. Organizations (e.g., agencies, commodity groups) are not eligible for this award. Teams, whose accomplishments are individually inseparable, are eligible.
    • The Outstanding Achievement Award has been subdivided into two groups: Research and Academia; and Stewardship (ranchers, agency professionals, consultants). Each group will be ranked separately. If enough nominations are not received in either group, then the balance to be awarded in any given year will be considered from the other group.

  • Outstanding Young Range Professional Award-- Requires SRM membership and recognizes superior performance and leadership potential in any range-related area. Nominee must be less than 40 years of age on January 1st of the year the award is conferred.

  • Sustained Lifetime Achievement Award-- Designed to recognize SRM members for long-term contributions to SRM and range management. Requires tangible evidence of outstanding lifetime contributions to the art and science of range management and continued SRM involvement at both the Section and Society levels.

Nominations are limited to five typewritten pages using the format shown below. Nominations in electronic form are to be sent via email to Vicky Trujillo ( by April 30th each year. If unable to send an electronic nomination, a hard copy may be sent to:
Awards Nominations
Society for Range Management
10030 W 27th Ave
Wheat Ridge, CO 80215-6604

In the events of a tie vote by the Awards Committee, the first tiebreak is Section Award(s).

Nomination Format:

Nomination of __________ for the ____________ Award

  1. Nominee
    1. Name
    2. Date and Place of Birth
    3. Address
    4. Occupation, Profession, Employer
    5. Phone Number
    6. Member of SRM? If yes, how many years?
  2. Nominator
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Phone Number
  3. Nominee's Education, Training, Awards
  4. Nominee's Activities in SRM
  5. Nominee's Professional Contributions to Range Management
  6. Nominee's Activities/Membership in Other Organizations
  7. Nominee's Other Pertinent Bibliographic Information
  8. Justification Statement from Nominator

Detailed explanations of criteria and background of each award are included in the SRM Awards Committee Handbook. These are available from your Section Awards Committee chair, Section President or SRM Awards Committee chair and committee members. Please submit nominations in the proper category according the the criteria for the award. Major accomplishments germane to the specific award criteria should be emphasized in the nominations, especially in the justification statement.

SRM Sections are encouraged to identify individuals that deserve recognition and prepare the nomination.

Contact the Denver office or any members of the SRM Awards Committee for more information.

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