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St. George, UT
January 29 - February 2, 2017

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Wildfires & Invasive Plants in American Deserts
Wildfires and Invasive Plants in American Deserts

December 9-11, 2008
Reno, Nevada
Grand Sierra Resort and Casino

Desert Map
American Deserts Links and Information

General Information
Great Basin
Colorado Plateau
Mojave Desert
Sonoran Desert
Chihuahuan Desert

General Information

Jeremy S. Littell, Donald McKenzie, David L. Peterson, and Anthony L. Westerling. 2009. Climate and wildfire area burned in western U.S. ecoprovinces, 1916–2003 Ecological Applications 19(4):1003-1021. Study finds that climate's influence on production, drying of fuels-not higher temperatures or longer fire seasons alone-critical determinant of Western wildfire burned area.

Schoennagel, Tania, Cara R. Nelson, David M. Theobald, Gunnar C. Carnwath, and Teresa B. Chapman. 2009. Implementation of National Fire Plan treatments near the wildland–urban interface in the western United States. Proc. of the National Academy of Sciences Early Edition

Quadrennial Fire Review: The Quadrennial Fire Review (QFR) is a strategic assessment process that is conducted every four years to evaluate current mission strategies and capabilities against best estimates of the future environment for fire management. This integrated review is a joint effort of the five federal natural resource management agencies and their state, local, and tribal partners that constitute the wildland fire community. The objective is to create an integrated strategic vision document for fire management.

Wildland Fire Statistics by year reported by the National Interagency Fire Center

Site Report by the National Interagency Fire Center

2005 WILDLAND FIRE MANAGEMENT: Important Progress Has Been Made, but Challenges Remain to Completing a Cohesive Strategy. Report by the Government Accountability Office.

NASA/Ames technology used as weapon against devastation by wildfire By Mike Swift Mercury News 04/13/2009With California's fire season looming, the cold lens of a satellite camera may not be the image people conjure as the latest tool to halt the spread of devastating wildfires.

Australian Bushfire Management: a case study in wisdom versus folly, By Roger Underwood

The Center for Invasive Plant Management is pleased to announce the second of two learning websites developed in collaboration with the US Fish and Wildlife Service National Wildlife Refuge System and beneficial to other natural resource managers. The website, Managing Invasive Plants: Concepts, Principles, and Practices, provides an overview of invasive plant management and planning supported by case studies, quizzes, scientific literature, and web-based resources. The website is best viewed in Internet Explorer.

Dynamic Deserts: Resource Uncertainty in Arid Environments an international, multi-discliplinary conference to be held at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ, February 26th to March 1st, 2009. This conference will feature key presentations from top scientists, managers, and educators and poster sessions open to all. Organized breakout sessions will focus on reviewing and advancing research in arid environments and communicating this information to the public in novel ways.

Joint Fire Science Program Links

Great Basin Information

Western Juniper Field Guide: Asking the Right Questions to Select Appropriate Management Actions

Sagebrush Steppe Ecology and Management, 2008 Research Progress Report.

Beige plague is an article from the LA Times on cheatgrass and wildfires.

Report assessing interactions among livestock grazing, vegetation types, and fire behavior in the 2007 Murphy Complex wildfires.

Cheatgrass Challenge

Ecoregional assessments at ConserveOnline by The Nature Conservancy:

Colorado Plateau Information

Ecoregional assessments at ConserveOnline by The Nature Conservancy:

  • Assessment Name: Colorado Plateau
    report not available)

Mojave Desert Information

Mojave National Preserve website.

Inaugural edition of the Science Newsletter for Mojave National Preserve. The newsletter is posted at Mojave National Preserve Science Newsletter April 2009, Number 1. In this edition:

  • Responses of Mule Deer to Experimental Manipulation of Water Sources: Preliminary Results from the First Year.
  • Mohave Tui Chub: Hybridization and Invasion.
  • Tortoise on Roads in Mojave Preserve
  • Effects of Small Mammals on Post-Fire Vegetation Recovery in the Mojave Desert
  • Resource Management Issue: Sahara Mustard
Managing Mojave Wildfires Final 40609.pdf. The Mojave Desert Initiative Fire Suppression Guidelines for 2009.

Mojave Desert Initiative Documents

Ecoregional assessments at ConserveOnline by The Nature Conservancy:

  • Assessment Name: Mojave Desert
    (report not available)

Sonoran Desert Information

Buffelgrass Information Center focuses on the Sonoran Desert.

Ecoregional assessments at ConserveOnline by The Nature Conservancy:

Chihuahuan Desert Information

Ecoregional assessments at ConserveOnline by The Nature Conservancy:

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