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70th SRM Annual Meeting & Trade Show

Red Rock and Rangelands

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St. George, UT
January 29 - February 2, 2017


Links - Universities and Colleges: Accredited, Degrees, and Classes
Accreditation of Professional Programs in Range Management Education
The responsibility for accreditation of professional programs in range management education is accepted by the Society for Range Management. Accreditation of professional programs is a proven and accepted approach successfully used by such professions as medicine, law, engineering and forestry for several decades.

The objectives of accreditation include:

  1. establishment of recognized minimum standards in education
  2. improvement of the quality of professional education
  3. identification of schools having programs meeting or exceeding acceptable standards.
Chadron State StudentsListed below are the SRM Accredited Universities. If you would like further information on accreditation of range management education programs, please contact the Executive Vice President at 303-986-3309.

Rangeland Management Education - Degrees and Classes
Many colleges and universities offer range science and management courses as part of various agriculture or natural resource science degree programs. Schools that offer actual degrees in range ecology, science or management are shown in bold type.