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St. George, UT
January 29 - February 2, 2017

Student Recruitment
Rangeland Careers
Young Professionals Conclave (YPC)
SRM YPC Annual Business Meeting
Albuquerque, NM
2-10-2009 @ 10:00am MST

Officers in attendance: Bob Wesley, Jill Burkhardt, Jake Powell, Summer Schulz, and Liza Slusser.

Bob welcomed all in attendance and gave an overview of the YPC mission. He noted that an SRM Advisory Council member had said that SRM members have a Passion to continue what they are doing. Bob feels that We, YPC'ers, may have passion in our careers, but perhaps not with SRM because we don't know where to place it. Bob acknowledged the strong support from SRM especially that of the Board of Directors and that their participation with YPC can be the tool for less-seasoned professionals to find their place in SRM. Bob also gave officer introductions and handed each a plaque for their service. He noted his term as President was coming to close and welcomed Jill into the office. Jill thanked Bob for his service and he was presented with a briefcase with the SRM-YPC logo.

Summer gave a summary of YPC happenings over the past year (2008). Activities included ordering business card holders, and vests with SRM-YPC logo, getting stickers lined up, and planning/implementing events at the Annual SRM mtg. A business card holder with SRM-YPC logo and a request for info card were placed at each place setting at each table. Jill, Summer, and Liza wore vests with SRM-YPC logo. Both the card holders and the vests went over very well with the membership and especially with the SRM leadership in attendance - requests for similar vests were made. Copper Threads, the embroidery company, has set up a preliminary SRM link on their website where interested folks may go to order such products as determined by YPC. The company needs input from YPC on what products will be available including associated costs, and would like for YPC to take over the maintenance of the link.

The report further recognized that Jill did a great job of lining up speakers and Liza did a great job of setting up the YPC dinner social at Tocanos as there was a huge turn-out (~70 attendees). As a side, the luncheon panel, which followed the Business Meeting, went over very well. Instead of lining up a panel table, most of the speakers walked among the attendees rendering a more personal feel. The speakers were Jack Alexander, Roy Roath, Heidi Olbert, Ben Baldwin, and Cindy McArthur. Each did a superb job of sharing experiences they have had with their Mentors: how they found them and the impacts to their careers and lives. Comments were made that the program should have been recorded - perhaps will be a future possibility.

YPC members also participated in multiple SRM committee meetings, assisted with judging Rangeland Cup posters and the Undergraduate Student Speaking Contest, along with various other volunteer activities. The YPC Handbook was finalized and is available on the YPC website. The YPC newsletters have evolved well and now include a Science & Technology section (with good response from membership), editorials from Officer's, and member interviews, and are all available on the YPC website. The SRM-YPC webpages have been updated with pertinent information (Ann Tanaka has been wonderful) and Josh Voss is ready and willing to move forward with taking that over for YPC. Summer mentioned that after this meeting, the office of Recorder will be passed on to new fresh member.

Jake gave the Treasurers report noting that YPC currently has approximately $2000 in the account. The SRM Board of Directors has also allocated YPC some funding. Jake also said that the office of Treasurer will be passing on to another, and that he is now the new Chairperson for the SRM Website Steering Committee.

Bob went over old business including that of YPC Officer Nominations. Nominations included: Liza Slusser for President-Elect, Kim Haile for Treasurer, and Angie Reid and Jamie Wages for Recorder. Nominees presented themselves to the membership. Nominations were closed at the end of the business meeting.

Liza discussed the YPC Advisory Council and that the layout mirrors that of SRM. Bob will be the new Chairperson as the outgoing President. She noted that Advisory Council Reps should identify their replacements if their 2-year term is up. Liza discussed the importance of the AC as are the Section link - grassroots of SRM. The Section level is the best place to get new and old members alike involved. Dennis Phillippi said that YPC needs to express its needs, and Bob reiterated that the main YPC Officers need to know what the needs are from the Section level so are able to move forward with/act on them. Liza noted that are some AC positions available which offer a great opportunity to be a needed Section liaison. Dennis added that each of the Sections has their own hierarchical make-up (boards, councils, and committees) and it is important for YPC'ers to also be getting involved at those levels.

For new business Jill gave an overview of the YPC website and went through the pages to show all where all of the YPC info (newsletters, minutes, contact info, etc) may be found. She introduced Josh Voss as the YPC website guru.

Matt Phillippi discussed the need for increased YPC involvement in SRM committees. Bob gave an overview of SRM and how the committees are structured within. Matt encouraged folks to get involved and to meet the leaders in SRM - attend the SRM business meetings as are open. Attendees were asked to give a show of hands for folks who had attended a committee meeting on Sunday and only a few raised their hands. Matt recommended that future a YPC program perhaps include a presentation from the Chairperson or representative from each SRM committee. Matt acknowledged that the Administrative committees are by appointment only, though they do need YPC representation. He explained that the new SRM website will have a link under you login for "My Committees" and encourage continued involvement. Matt placed sign-up sheets for the various committees at the front and a handful of YPC'ers took advantage of the situation and their contact info will be passed on to the various committee chairs.

SRM Membership was discussed and Kim Haile unveiled the new web-based network site created for SRM in an effort to keep young professional student members: "Ning" is an invitation-only site which allows for creation of professional profiles. Jenny Pluhar promoted the site further and went over the SRM Apprentice membership ($55 vs $80) and that it is available to student members for the first five years after graduation. Further, the Rangelands Editorial Board is looking to spotlight a student and/or YPC member in each issue to connect with younger SRM members.

The 2009 YPC Officers are President: Jill Burkhardt, President-Elect: Liza Slusser, Treasurer: Kim Haile, and Recorder: Angie Reid - Congradulations!

Next YPC Conference Call is scheduled for March , 2009 at 8:30am

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