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St. George, UT
January 29 - February 2, 2017

Student Recruitment
Rangeland Careers
Young Professionals Conclave (YPC)
SRM-YPC Annual Business Meeting
Denver, CO
2-9-2010, 10:30 am MST

Officers in attendance: Jill Burkhardt, Liza McDonald, Kim Haile, Bob Wesley, and approximately 50 members.

Business Meeting
The YPC Luncheon Business meeting began with a greeting from SRM President Don Kirby (outgoing) who gave the YPC members pointers on how to get involved within the SRM. Kim Haile then introduced guest speaker Jess Peterson of Western Skies Strategies, Inc. and co SRM EVP. Jess Peterson gave those in attendance suggestions on how to be successful young professionals.

Key points
  • Keep a positive attitude and be humble
  • Your net worth is directly influenced by your network
  • Public speaking tips-pick a persona you'd like to resemble for when you get nervous
  • Invitation to monthly capital updates conference call-Second Thursday of every month. (517) 417-5000 # 012010 (March 11, 2010)

Minutes were reviewed and approved from last meeting.
Kim Haile presented the treasures report and gave a summary of the past years expenditures. A motion to accept the treasures report was given by Marilynn Hirsch with a second from Vanessa Prileson. Treasures report approved.
Jill Burkhardt presented the secretaries report which was approved as read.

Old Business:
Jill Burkhardt gave a summary of YPC happenings over the past year (2009). Activities included reflecting on the Albuquerque meeting, updating membership lists, SRM branded clothing website, providing 4 newsletters to our members, and planning of the Denver meeting. Jill then presented the 2009 outgoing officers with plaques and thanked them for their service.

New Business:
Jill Burkhardt made the last call for nominations for President-Elect. Those nominated are Michelle Auyer, Kim Haile, Seth Kennedy, and Jaime Wages. Liza McDonald made the motion to cease nominations with a second from Vanessa Prileson. Votes were counted with a presentation of the 2010 officer team to be made at the close of the business meeting.

Jill Burkhardt then summarized the proposal to the members about sending the YPC President to Washington DC with the SRM Board of Directors. We had the privilege on entertaining SRM President Don Kirby for our meeting, who informed us that the Board of Directors approved this proposal. Next we discussed fundraising ideas and it was moved by Marilynn Hirsch and seconded by Jamie Wages to create a sub-committee to address this fundraising.

Outreach Activity
Liza McDonald discussed the recent outreach activities the YPC used to get others more involved. A letter was sent to all section presidents asking them to target those who may be interested in YPC so that we may contact them. We are also using the contact cards from the business meeting to update our membership list while asking what the members expect or need from YPC. The officers have also discussed inviting all members to the conference call and creating a fundraising committee to give other members a role in YPC leadership.

We've been given a new tool for our outreach opportunities. Aleda Rudeen, newest SRM employee, is now the outreach and leadership coordinator. She is more than willing be help our organization as just need to utilize her.

Other New Business
It was suggested to distribute the comments left of the membership contact cards to the entire YPC membership.

It has been suggested from membership and others to have a publishing guideline. Heidi Olbert moved to create an editing committee for the newsletter with a second from Marilynn Hirsch. Marilynn Hirsch will chair this committee.

A Motion was received to change the name from Young Professionals Conclave to New Professionals Conclave. The members continued with discussion and a vote, motion to change name failed.

2010 Officers
President-Liza McDonald
President-Elect Seth Kennedy
Treasurer-Kim Haile
Secretary/Recorder-Angie Reid
Advisory Council Chair-Jill Burkhardt

Meeting Adjourned

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