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70th SRM Annual Meeting & Trade Show

Red Rock and Rangelands

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St. George, UT
January 29 - February 2, 2017

Student Recruitment
Rangeland Careers
Young Professionals Conclave (YPC)
SRM-YPC Officer Conference Call
January 31, 2012

Meeting Minutes for YPC January 31, 2012


Officers in attendance - Angie Reid and Jamin Johanson
Members in attendance - 11

SRM Announcements
E. T. (Tom) Bartlett-SRM Endowment Fund
-Started by Harold Heady in 1980
-Purpose: to provide a secure and perpetual funding source and lighten the burden on members
-Current value: ~$430,000-down from ~$450,000 last year (due to the economy)
-contributions from:
-legacy members (for estate planning purposes)
- individual member donations
-silent auctions, raffles, and membership year pins
-BOD decides whether proceeds go to operating costs or special projects


Lori Ziegenhagen-Student Activities Committee
-there are many members of this committee, but many cannot make it to the annual meeting
-there is a need for more people on the subcommittees to help cover for those not attending
-there is also a need for judges
-Shelly Taylor heads the committee

YPC Business

Introductions by all members and officers in attendance
-Angie briefly summarized the minutes from the 2011 YPC officer meetings

1. Revision to officer attendance and participation policy
-75% attendance required
-prior notification required for absenteeism
-lack of participation warrants a warning e-mail
*Motion passed unanimously

2. Change in YPC officer structure
-vice president to replace president-elect office (not required to serve as president in
the following year)
*Motion passed unanimously

3. To run for the office of President, one year as an officer or subcommittee member is required
*Motion passed unanimously

4. Discussion about the need for officer term limits-it was deemed unnecessary since the opposite problem is the usual scenario.


Treasury Report
--~$1,000 in the YPC account. ~$1,500 earned by the raffle
Other committee reports suggested a needed renewal of committee activity
Committee sign-ups followed for those in attendance

-SRM has established a new Social Outreach Committee to deal with social media and YPC was approached to get volunteers to populate the committee

Officer Elections:
Vice President-Jamin Johanson ran uncontested
Treasurer-Poncho Ortega ran uncontested
Advisory Council Co-chairs-Bob Wesley and Rio Franzman ran uncontested
*Angie Reid and Molly Ryan continue in the offices of President and Recorder, respectively

Strategic plan break-out groups:
-t-shirt design contest (open to entire SRM membership)
-Free SRM registration to the winner
-sell embroidered silk scarves
-sell member-donated items
-should maintain a YPC table at all national meetings

Member Expectations
-need to determine roadblocks to travel for young professionals
-help YPC members overcome these roadblocks
-show YPC members how to prepare a poster or presentation for national meeting
-have a non-academic poster presentation about the YPC
-include info about getting to the annual meeting in the YPC newsletter

Outreach and networking
-workshops-developing professional skills in a variety of different roles/careers
-establish sections in each state by contacting Ag-related professionals
-create a 2-3 minute video about YPC-post on YouTube and SRM website
-''About YPC'' workshop for students (what it means to be a young professional)
-create an ''apprentice member'' award for SRM members with less than 5 years as professionals (based on SRM involvement and career achievements)

Section Level YPC
-four states currently have a section level YPC model
-goal: in the next year, have a good YPC section model for other sections to follow
-goal: 3 years after establishing a model, get YPC in each section
-when a young professional renews SRM membership, they should receive a YPC info
sheet with their registration card
-YPC should create a ''Young Professional Activities at a Glance'' page in SRM program


Dennis Philipi offered to give a training on ''The Power of Vision'' at next year’s YPC business meeting (about 1.5 hours required for this training).
-4 step process to establishing a group vision
1) Leader-initiated-where to go

2)Shared vision-requires dialogue, articulation, and communication
-work on it together for total group buy-in
-start in breakout groups
-bring ideas forward and distil down into one concise sentence

3)Comprehensive detail-Who, What, Where, When, How and Why?

4) Make it positive and inspiring-use five year intervals for your vision


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