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70th SRM Annual Meeting & Trade Show

Red Rock and Rangelands

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St. George, UT
January 29 - February 2, 2017

Student Recruitment
Rangeland Careers
SRM Rangeland Cup Judging
Student posters displaying their problem solving approach will be judged on content, organization, and presentation. Points will be assigned based on the criteria listed below. Judges scores and comments will remain anonymous and will be provided as typed summaries for each team.


  1. Content refers to the employment of a creative, logic-based approach to the problem. The approach should be bolstered by scientific evidence, in a similar manner to a grant proposal. The poster should display a clear rationale behind the approach, but should attempt to expand on existing knowledge pertaining to the topic. 60 maximum points.
    Content Sub-Categories:
    1. Abstract: should provide a concise summary of the proposed solutions. 5 maximum points.
    2. Introduction: should introduce the importance of the topic and provide pertinent background information about the theory behind the teamís approach. 10 maximum points.
    3. Narrative: should clearly describe the teamís approach for addressing the topic. This is where the team will ďsellĒ their ideas. Should demonstrate the teamís knowledge of the subject matter and their logical approach to the task. Each part of the topic should be addressed. Suggested research methods, long-term management plans, expected results, potential pitfalls, budgetary concerns, conclusions, etc. are all acceptable information for the narrative. 45 maximum points.

  2. Organization describes the design and flow of the poster. The poster should be easy to read and understand without interpretation by the author. Tables, figures, and photographs should be well designed, clear, and with informative legends. All visual aids should be referenced in the poster. 20 maximum points.

  3. Presentation deals with the studentsí ability to discuss their approach and field questions concerning the background and potential outcomes of that approach. Additionally, the studentsí professionalism, in manner and personal presentation, will be evaluated during the competition. 40 maximum points.
    Presentation Sub-Categories:
    1. Professional manner: Do the students exhibit confidence and enthusiasm? Do the students effectively communicate their ideas verbally? 15 maximum points.
    2. Knowledge: The studentsí ability to address questions and provide comments on their approach should clearly demonstrate their individual involvement in the creative process of problem solving. Do the studentsí display insight into how their ideas fit into the larger context of range management? 25 maximum points.

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