Society for Rangeland Management

68th annual SRM Meeting and Trade Show on January 27th to February 7th in Sacramento California

January 6 - February 6 - Sacramento Convention Center
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Join the Society for Range Management to celebrate “Managing Diversity” January 31st – February 6, 2015. Featured symposia, workshops and field tours include:

  • Vegetation Management Before and After Drought - Bureau of Land Management & USDA Forest Service
  • Wildland and Prescribed Fire in Rangeland Management - Joint Fire Science Program
  • Sustainable Public Lands Grazing: Policy, Management and Science - 3rd Rustici Range Science Symposium
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: Conservation for Rangelands - California Rangeland Conservation Coalition
  • Rangeland Research in Indian Country: Land, Cattle and People
  • Field Tour Examples: Restoration, Ecological Site Descriptions (ESDs), Low-Stress Animal Handling, Targeted Grazing, Rangeland Soils, Invasive Species Management

Guest Speaker: Temple Grandin

Different Diverse Minds Will be More Effective in Solving Problems

Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin will speak at the Plenary Session on Monday, February 2, 2015

"In my lecture I will discuss how people with different approaches to problem solving can complement each other's skills to do innovative research and solve problems. I am a visual thinker and another person may be a more quantitative mathematical thinker. There is research that shows that these different types of thought processes are real. My talk will help both research scientists and people in the field to understand each other and work together more effectively. I will also discuss how visual thinking helped me understand animal behavior."

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Plenary Session

Henry Giacomini - A Livestock Producer's Perspective on Managing for Diversity

Jaymee Marty - Managing Rangelands to Protect Biodiversity

Chuck Striplen - A Contemporary Native View on the Diversity and Management of California's Range Ecosystems